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Dr. Anne Foerst, Ph.D.

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Office: Walsh G13

Phone: (716) 375-2245

Email: afoerst@sbu.edu

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  6. Public lecture series at Columbia

    In Spring 2000, I delivered 4 public lectures at Columbia University. The series was organized by the Center for the Study of Science and Religion (CSSR ). You can watch the lectures at the website.

The Courage to Doubt

The situation of being a theologian in an AI-Lab has its own charm... and its own difficulties. I use to describe this situation with the expression "The Courage to Doubt" - an expression I have chosen in accordance with the central expression in the theology of Paul Tillich: The Courage to Be.

An explanation of this expression can be found in a talk in November 1995 at Harvard Divinity School: The Courage to Doubt: How to Build Android Robots as a Theologian